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Achieving redness

I’m searching for the reddest of the red grains. I want to make a American Red Ale but am unable to come up with any really red colored malt. I’d just as soon not add any adjuncts or artificial coloring if I can help it. I know carared or caraamber will help but could use some advise from someone who has been successful creating a red color. :stuck_out_tongue:

After you pour your first glass just add some tomato juice it will be red, I grew up on it that way South Dakota special.

You still can go into a bar and order a red beer and that’s what you get.

Since my first red ale failure (beer was good, color was copperish) I did some reading on this and have heard people suggest a combination of C120 and Special B to get a nice red color for a red ale. Haven’t re-brewed this recipe yet with the changes I made to confirm this so take that advice for what you will. FYI: The first incarnation used a tich of Chocolate Rye for coloring. Not sure if I used to much or what but it didn’t meet my standards.

I think kens home run red on this page is what your looking for.

^that would be what I am referencing

Or carared

3-4 oz roasted barley per 5 gallons will get you there also. Ruby red.

That’s what I was looking for. At one time I knew that but it’s been so many years I’d forgotten. Guess I must’ve had a veerrrry good time back in the sixties. :cheers:

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