A good Schneider Weisse

yesterday tried brewing a weisse beer similar, to schneider weisse. It’s a style I’m still trying to perfect. I’ve decided it is a style that needs to be bottled. I did a ferrulic acid rest at 110 f for about 20 min then an infusion to 150f then a decoction to raise to 160 f then another decoction for mash out. The mash went smooth enough but I had added some caramunich which most recipes called for to get that special color. Now looking at the wort it looks to dark. probably should have dropped the caramunich when doing the decoction. We’ll see. Also not sealing the fermentor for a couple days as suggested. Any other hints?
I adjusted my water to the recommended profile

Huh. I’ve had this beer a few times in the past, but I don’t remember it being this dark. So it is.

Sounds like they must use a touch of dark wheat? Or a small amount of dark Munich? The crystals might be a little out of place here.

I wonder what temp the yeast likes best? More flavor warm? Less when it’s cold?

Typically (hefe yeast)does well at temps within its broad range. Clove cold; banana or bubblegum hot.

This is what I was going for

Pretty sure your picture is their festbier

Im trying for that orangey color my old recipe is more straw colored.

My recipe color looks right. Must be the decoction although my decoction brews aren’t usually dark. I did boil the decoction harder than usual time will tell

Right now its sitting cool but after a couple days I’ll let it warm. I did some temp research and got answers all over the place. This will be the first time doing “open” fermentation though

Not what the label says. Shrugs. It would even be dark for a festbier! Lol

This is a picture of my last hefeweizen(kegged)done with 3% Weyermann melanoidin malt

Background lighting… Either way, I’ll bet they are damn tasty brews!

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Once alcohol is present the color will lighten up.

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It did lighten a bit. I got ready to bottle a couple days ago. The FG .017 my recipe predicted .013. Im not sure if the calculator took into consideration my decoction method. Seems that would be variable. Anyway going to bottle today at .017

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Think we got it


For comparison

Very nice!

not sure if it was the decoction or the caramunich or both that got me the color. This recipe needs no more tweaking. I bottled half and kegged half to compare.

Clove or banana/bubble gum?

Why do I have to choose? It’s all the above plus fruity and sweet. All in a good way not overpowering. Lets see if it holds. I’ve made descent wheat beers before but can’t finish the keg before they start to fade. This is why this time i kegged only half and bottle conditioned half. If all goes well when the keg kicks the bottles should be ready

The yeast choose :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Yeah I’ve read you can pull different flavors with the temperature like a saison. Which reminds me haven’t done a saison lately. If this works out by bottling half maybe I’ll do the same with a saison which I have a problem with longevity as well. People wondering why I don’t just bottle the whole batch. It’s not that I mind bottling its just the storage and cleaning that are a problem for me.