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$80 dollar validation

So I brewed a batch of helles this weekend and tried out my new pH monitor. I built my water from Bru’nwater using RO water as the base. I’ll be danged if the pH of my mash and my sparge water weren’t exactly where they were supposed to be! No adjustments needed.

Maybe my new gadget will come into play more when I’m wanting to brew a dry stout and use some of my super alkaline home water as a base…

Woohoo!!! You got to love it when a plan comes together. Good for you!!! Hope it all turns out well for you. Did you use strips before buying the meter? Do you have to keep the probe in some kind of solution all the time? Even when it is not in use? Just curious.

I did use strips occasionally. I never got the good ones folks have mentioned on the forum. The meter is pretty simple- much simpler than it seemed at first glance. The cap (it’s a pocket model) is designed to hold a little storage solution to keep the electrode from drying out. I bought a calibration kit with it that consists of three standard solutions.

I keep my meter sitting in a shot glass with enough storage solution to cover the probe plus a little up the sides, then wrap the glass and meter with plastic wrap to make a good seal. Haven’t brewed since July and it’s still sitting at the same level.

Yes, as mentioned by Shade I do somethng similiar that keeps the probe immersed in storage solution. You can simply keep some in the cap as mentioned, the key is keeping the probe “moist” /wet with the same solution within the probe (storage solution)so that it doesn’t dry out or lose fluid due to evaporation as that is the death of a probe right there. Probes will last for years if kept in solution.

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