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60 min mash vs 90 min mash

60 minutes vs 90 minutes… anyone know the benefits of mashing for 90 vs mashing for 60? Saw a few all grain recipes that called for it and didn’t know the benefits to mashing for that long. The recipes I saw were IIPA’s. Thanks fellas

Increased fermentability. The enzymes aren’t quite as effective when you’re mashing at 146-148°F, so you can compensate by mashing longer. It’s debatable if it makes a difference. But for an IIPA, you want a highly fermentable wort so you get proper attenuation.

Usually a waste of time IMHO. Try just 45 minutes and you’ll get almost indiscernibly similar results.

Right on! Well I wasn’t necessarily going to try it unless there were benefits to it under certain circumstances. Thanks guys

They say (who are “they” lol) everything that happens, happens in the first 15 min. of the mash. With today’s highly modified malts I don’t see any reason for more than 60.

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If you are doing a barleywine or extreme IIPA, I like an overnight mash. This is really useful when trying to achieve pre-boil gravities near 1.090. I get upwards of 90% efficiencies and high fermentability from an overnight mash and reduced grainbills.

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Interesting. What type of temperature control do you use overnight?

When I started all grain, I would take samples and test them with iodine to make sure conversion was finished. I never saw it take longer than 50 minutes. That said, nowadays after I get the mash started, I take a walk, and usually don’t get back to the brewing until 90 minutes later. I can’t say I’ve seen any change in efficiency as a result of the longer mash.

Start at 156 F and wrap cooler/mash-tun with down comforter. It’s usually in the upper 130s when I start my sparge the next morning. Total mash time is around 8 hours.

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Overnight mash huh? Shit I wouldn’t be able to sleep with that thing mashing in the garage. Hahaha I’d be up all night!


Glad I had just finished my beer. I would have spit it all over the place!!

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