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2017 Holiday brews

Any started their holiday brews yet. For Thanksgiving I have a Cramberry Weizenbock and for Chrismas im doing a Doppelbock with dates soaked in bourbon


I’ve got a 19th century RIS that has been aging on oak and brett c for about 6 months, that I’m hoping is ready for the solstice and Christmas.


I still got my wheat berry with peaches half is kegged and other half i used 3031-PC Saison blend and letting it go. It wont be done by chrismas though.

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You guys got me thinking. Not sure I can get anything ready for Christmas but I’m thinking a winter warmer thing. I have a half keg of a Bret ESB aging. Was think of putting something on top. Something strong maybe with some figs. I may split the half keg into two bret dedicated sankes. Keep one going with Bret ESBs and one for experiments like the warmer

I thought a bout using figs in my doppelbock instead of dates. But i had a hard time finding enough to use in it after i calculated it up was close to three pounds of fresh for five gallons. I have added dried to the kettle at flame out gives a nice aroma and little molasses like taste to the beer.

That sounds pretty tasty - just watch the ABV if you end up trying it. You should be ok up to 10-11%, but I have a 14.5% old ale that I pitched brett anomala, and that was too much for it. Still a tasty beer, but it just couldn’t handle the alcohol content.

Really liking the idea of figs… maybe some fig jam with pectinaise would work in secondary?

I’m thinking to brew up my red ESB half to one Bret ESB keg the other to secondary with caramelized figs which eventually will go into the other keg of Bret ESB. Figure 1lb figs per gallon

A medium-sized fig weighs 50 grams. There is 453.592 grams in a pound. Thats 45 medium size figs for 5 gallons or 9 figs per gallon. Thier is about 10 grams of sugar in a fig so you might as well calculate the figs as one pound of fermentible sugar. Thats a lot of figs

Me diciding if i should brew this sunday a spiced ale. Or pumpkin ale for the upcoming partydays

Brewed a pumpkin spice ale

Added 2 cans of pumpkin spice mix and 2 oz of pumpkin spice

2 weeks primary and 2 weeks secondary

2 weeks in the keg

Sure beats the commercial crap I had this weekend


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I was thinking of trying a ginger bread porter recipe I stumbled across on Brewer’s Friend. Hopefully it’ll be ready by Christmas. Anyone ever try making one?

Was it mine? I posted one on there

This is the one, is this one yours?

If not, I would love to take a look. Any advice on trying this out?

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Nah. This is mine Gingerbread porter | Baltic Porter All Grain Beer Recipe | Brewer's Friend

I looked at the other recipe. How much is .0044 of a pound?

I did the math, I think it comes close to 2 teaspoons, which sounds reasonable. Yours sounds great, but I think I want to go for something with a lighter ABV

You can scale it down. I don’t do extract so I can’t critique the recipe.i use less spice in mine and if anything i would use less. It sounds sweet to me I would ad some flaked grain at least. But Brew it and let us know

Did you use ground ginger, cinnamon, etc? If you didn’t, did you put it in secondary like you would a dry hop or vanilla beans?

That may be the difference in amount I used fresh spices and grated them. If you use spices of the shelf you may need more. Also I used more molasses was worried the sugar would dry it out

Soaked the spices in black seal rum and added to secondary

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