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2 Row vs 6 Row for BVIP

Tomorrow I will be brewing Denny’s BVIP and because the LHBS didn’t have sacks of 2 row and I didn’t want to pay double the price by getting it in single pound bags, I got a sack of 6 row. It looks like the main difference is slightly lower extract potential and a higher protein level. To counteract the lower extract, beersmith had me add .5 lb to the grist. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

6 row has more protein and beta glucans which can lead to haze and stability problems. I would do a protein rest at 122f to reduce the protein fractions and reduce the beta glucans.

well, I’ve already doughed in and I don’t have a heatable mash tun. I don’t think haze will be an issue with an imperial porter.

In that case
relax don’t worry…

ive always wanted to use 6-row in a porter or stout. its supposed to taste ‘grainier’ than 2-row. like you said i wouldn’t worry about haze in a porter

let us know how it turns out

6 row has a grainier flavor which is appropriate in some styles…not BVIP IMO.

Well, all in all it was a really rough brew day. Missed my OG by 18 points, added some DME to get to 1.080, AND added the wort to a fermenter that still had about 2 quarts of starsan. So, I don’t think I will add the bourbon or vanilla. If it tastes OK after primary I’ll keg it, but as I said in different post, I always have something go wrong when I try to make BVIP.

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