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1st timer Using a turkey Fryer for a boil set-up

Is there any issue other than the 15 min timer to worry about? The aluminum pot looks like a great find and the burner stand is twice the quality of anything in it size range available from any brewing supplier (I like the brewing sculpture!). So we are plannig a purchase from NB, I really do not want the twin handle capper, I want to sub the $66 capper/corker as we will need it down the road when bottling mead/wine, hi gravity brews and holiday brews. We are opting for the 2 glass carboy set, are upgrading the filling setup with spring tip bottle filler and different spigot for the bottleing bucket, small bottle tree, extra star san and PBW, 21" spoon, o2 absorbing caps. We get an ingredient kit w/starter kit, but why do I not get to try the wyeast option with my American wheat Beer Extract Kit? Do I nedd to add some Priming sugar to my shopping cart?? We expect to be ready to brew after everyting is washed & sanitized (I’m drinking & keeping as many lift-off bottles as I can…hic!) thanks for any response.


I’m not sure what the 15min timer is.

Good idea to sub the bench capper/corker. Bench cappers will cap all bottles. The wing cappers have issues with some designs. And if you are going to cork, get what you will use.

Get 2 6 gallon carboys instead of a 5g. Maybe even look into the Better Bottles to shed some weight and risks of breaking the glass.

Strange you don’t have the option of a liquid yeast. The dry wheat yeast if a good yeast though. I have a wheat wine aging with it. Tasty at 3 weeks.

the 15 min timer is a device added to the regulator assembly that cuts the gas off after 15 min to prevent the unit from over doing the peanut oil heating I guess. It will be tolerable as we will have to monitor the boil. I should be able to by-pass the timer in the future if needed.

In response to the ‘better bottle’, I am not impressed with the plastic quality, can’t scrub it?? We will use glass until a larger fermentation vessel is needed. The yeast option is there when looking at the extract kits but when the brew starter is up it says choose beer kit w/dry yeast.

There is a dropdown for the yeast where you can choose the liquid yeast option (Wyeast 1010). Table sugar works great for priming so no need to add any corn sugar to the order. You are going to need about 50, 12oz bottles for a 5 gallon batch. Get some bombers (22oz) or pint bottles to minimize the bottling. Good luck!


It is tedious to soak all the bottles- start looking for a large plastic tub to put all the bottles in for soaking with oxyclean to remove labels and clean them. Don’t leave them overnight like I did and you will have a white residue on them.

Consider getting a bottle jet bottle washer. They are nice to be able to shoot inside the bottle. You could make your own bottle tree. I strongly, strongly suggest Star-San. I love that stuff. It has changed my b

rew day. Now I’m not worried about sanitizing- I just have star-san in a spray bottle and spray everything with it. I would recommend getting more lengths of tubing for when you bottle or for blow-offs. I always find I want more tubing and it is costly usually at local brew shops.

I am blessed to find so much info… really table sugar is ok?!? I have a rubbermaid tall tub to wash and sanitize in, I like the spray bottle idea for surfaces, I thought it might be good to have a squeezer bottle like for watering cage fighters/boxers to force it thru bottling equipment, as well as have a 2 gallon bucket lidded & handy for tubing lengths etc. With Star San I will more than likely become a sanitizing fool since I like clean, oxy-clean for bottles but not overnite, and yes we will add a jet washer too.

I’m going ahead with boil tests on this Turkey Fryer since I am seeing nothing here to deter me… Thanks again for the guidance

In regards to scrubbing plastic, or glass, you don’t need to. You can push a rag into the BB and swirl it around with some water to knock off the crud. After you soaked it in some PBW/Oxy solution for a couple hours.

Interesting thing on the timer.

A 2nd spray bottle is handy to knock down the “hot break” foam that forms at the beginning of the boil. Plan tap water in this one. Have them marked so you know which is which. The spray bottle of Star San is good for several weeks. As long as the ph is below 3 (correct me if I’m wrong.) Use it about the kitchen everyday.

Table sugar is what I use for bottle carbonating also.

Complements of the Nanny State. Federal regulations require all turkey fryer burners to be equipped with a gas cut-off timer. Funny thing is, that burners and pots sold as fish fryers or outdoor cookers don’t require timers. HA!

Newbie here, I was just looking at ordering a turkey fryer for outdoor brewing. Yay or nay on this turkey fryer?


joeyfry, I can’t see the burner behind my school’s firewall. Does it list the BTU’s? Are you able to post a picture of it?

For brewing, you want to be using a high-pressure hose. Most high pressure hoses have a green screw-on connector to the propane tank. Red is usually a normal-pressure connector.

Are you brewing 5 or 10 gal batches?
Are you looking for something affordable or the best money can buy?

Most turkey burners are an excellent choice if you are looking for a low cost burner that will boil 5 gallons. I bought a cheap turkey burner on sale for $30 long ago that looks like this: ... stand.html

Others mention they boil 8 and 10 gal batches with no issue.

Post more info and I’ll let you know

I’ve seen that turkey fryer at Bass Pro Shop get pretty good reviews.

I have a Brinkman turkey fryer from Home Depot. It has some kind to temperature switch but no timer. My understanding is the switch is looking for too hot a temperature. There is no problem there since boiling water is 212 degrees and frying oil is what? 400 degrees?

I use Better Bottles. They are very strong so no worries there at all. They are very easy to clean using oxyclean and a rag. I would never consider glass after using the Better Bottle. It is WAY lighter and you don’t have to worry about a trip to the ER.

Joey, I would steer away from that set up. You will be limited to only using the pot that comes with it. You may say that you will never want to brew 10 gallons, but why purchase something like this that will make you purchase or build something later if you change your mind.

I don’t have that particular setup, but my burner has a lip on it so I can’t easily/safely put any other pot on it.

I am sure I want the Glass, I don’t like the plastic, I will graduate to a stainless fermenter before my beer ever goes into plastic for more than an hour(bottling bucket).

My gal went to to find the 30qt Aluminum turkey fryer for $48, went to the local store to find it for $34. Again this has a timer that could be by-passed or replaced ... t/13059419

No one said I shouldnt use this even tho the pot is ALUMINUM.

The burner in that WM set has much more sturdy stand and uses the same burner as the one here in Learningmore’s post, very simple to move to a brew sculpture in the future too

My Brewery has been conceived, My order has been placed, ready to do this…

I bought that same setup last year on clearance to use as an extra burner for fermenter keg sterilization and other stuff. It’s ok. I did bypass the stupid timer. Be careful to plug all gas leaks and use the yellow gas Teflon tape.

Good luck and have fun! The forum is here for you when you have questions.

Using an aluminum pot is ok, just be sure to fill the pot with water and boil it, then dump the water. The first time you boil, a protective oxidation layer is formed on the inside of the pot. Then you should be ready to go. Don’t scrub this layer off, just use a sponge or dish rag to clean the pot.


Finally some one says ‘I got that one too!’ The aluminum pot doesn’t appear to be terribly thin, I will be doing a test boil in the pot today, I’ve looked at the stainless pots and they seem to be thin???

This is nice, I did have a few times I let it “DING” but it boiled 3.5+ easy enough and did do 5 so I will be washing w/care & ready for brew day which can’t be soon enough for me. I AM interested in looking at a boilermaker so I do not concern myself w/pot burn/warp, I was constantly turning the kettle to move the hot-spots…

Hey fightdman, how did you bypass the timer?

I’ll take a picture at lunch.

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