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Is it wrong that I hate craigtube?

I think this guy gives terrible advice. And he really pushes hopped malt extract. Not hating on extract brewers. Just hating on the hopped cans of it. And his over use of simple sugars to pump abv. grrrrrrr

Sorry for the rant. But he really rubs we me wrong way.

What are you talking about?

I am going to already apologize. It’s like watching a car wreck. you just can’t turn away.

you ask, why watch then? Well am bored and I feel like throwing things at my computer screen.

cant be as bad as Podbrewers. Are they? these guys just flat out know nothing about beer and are targeting beginners. If I had heard this stuff and tried following it when I was starting, I know I would have given up along time ago.

But like you said, like watching a train wreck. When guys with a beer show dont know if they have ever had a lager or not, you know its goin bad fast

Is it video or just audio. Got to check that out. Sounds a disaster, and I like it.

just audio I think,

I don’t know, I like Craig. His newer videos show it’s better to add more extract vs sugar. He’s talked about how in the beginning he was nervous and what not. He could pull those vids, but he chooses to keep them up. And he recently just did his first batch of all grain. He’s helped his fair share of people get turned on to brewing, so kudos to him. It takes a lot of work to film and edit, let alone brew. Also note that he started brewing because of price not hobby, he lives in Canada where it’s max expensive, hence his cheap n easy methods. Best of all, I know I can count on him to provide at least one new video per week . . . and he doesn’t have ulterior motives trying to push or sell me soemthing. Keep 'em coming Craig!

is this the same guy that took off his shirt & lotioned up to transfer to secondary and/or bottle? and all the overactive mouth smacking while tasting said beer?

haha. Different guy. But I saw that video as well. I really need to stop youtube’n brewing videos.


I really need to stop youtube’n brewing videos.[/quote]
I found it to give me a feeling of hopelessness. Some people just really depress me. Unless it’s BrewTV, I really don’t want youtube much.

A few years ago I was sitting in front of my PC drinking a nice cold craft brew when I had this thought “I wonder how beer is made?” So I googled it and what appeared before my eyes a link to craigtube… I clicked on the link and the rest is history I have been brewing ever since… So I would say no he doesn’t always give the best advice but he does help bring people into the wonderful world of Craft/homebrewing. Cheers

you’re Alliance, aren’t you?

+1 GoldenChild… I pretty much had the same experience.

No, that guy is “Take Some Advice”. He’s a nut and the worst thing for homebrewing imo. The fact applause/laugh tracks and the little audio clips of “booming thunder” whenvever he drops a tidbit of information. I’m so thankful to find this place first.

As far as Craigtube, I like the guy. I think he is entertaining and seems to have a simple approach to homebrewing which I like. I don’t see myself being hardcore as some of you here (which ain’t bad), but I do plan on least going as far as my space, funds, and tastes will allow.

He is not the end all of this hobby and like with anything else, research it if you’re not sure about something.

Craig knows that his method is extremely simple and that is because he has a different reason for home brewing than most Americans.

He home brews due to the cost of purchasing alcohol rather than the hobby factor like a lot of us do.

1.) He seems genuine enough.
2.) He’s not an advanced brewer, but I don’t think he wants to be, he likes to keep it simple.
3.) He makes mistakes (don’t we all).
4.) He’s established a “fan base”. Good for him.
5.) He brews by default. In other words, the environment he finds himself in just happens to be conducive to making beer. (good water, cool basement, etc…) He’s not controlling his process to the level of an advanced brewer.
6.) He does it because alcohol is expensive in Canada.
7.) He’s making the videos as he’s learning.
8.) Making (watchable, interesting) videos isn’t easy. Try it once.

Watching people brew beer on TV or the internet is like watching paint dry.
Watching people taste beer on TV or the internet is like death by a thousand paper cuts.

Ever see anyone brew a beer on TV or the internet and then when the taste test comes around, say ‘This sucks!’ It just doesn’t happen. Not only that but it takes 'em forever to taste the damn thing… first they talk about it for what seems like hours, then they smell it… and five hours later they taste it and of course it’s better than the best and they’re gonna brew that one twelve times over. Bleh.

Most of this guys videos are watchable to a point. They’re certainly not bottom of the barrel. He’s on the right track.

I know a lot of people have bashed him publicly on youtube, and he has taken their criticism for what it’s worth and expanded his knowlege. His videos are anoying at times but occasionally I do like to see what new thing he is up to.

I guess I like him because he is sincere.

I also like to see what this dude is up to from time to time, he is Dutch:

He calls his brew pad Homebeerbrewery, kinda cool. I also like how he calls his viewers brewtubers.

Guss this thread’s officially resurrected…

He’s familiar enough with what he wants to say that he feels he can go off the cuff instead of working from talking points. This causes him to ramble a bit and belabor his points more than he should. With proper planning/editing he could probably cut some of his run times in half, while saying more, and better.

He does that burping into his fist thing (often) which is a little gross/distracting.

He also clearly knows a thing or two about video editing. He’s obviously not just doing a single take; he knows how to do cuts and transitions, BUT he doesn’t fix either of those things I mentioned. When I see his videos I get distracted by wondering what was so bad he actually cut it. ??!!

The guy generally reminds me of a High School teacher. More knowledgeable than most people, but clearly not an expert, which gets paired with an overconfidence in their communication skills. – I’m not saying that’s a bad thing; I respect him just for putting himself out there. It takes cajones.

So who wants to play the Craigtube drinking game?

  1. Everytime he drinks, you drink.
  2. Everytime he stops mid-sentence to change points, you drink.
  3. Everytime he burps, yell “Take off, hoser!” then you drink.

Second best drinking game ever.

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