Zombie Dust

I’ve seen a few Zombie Dust clone recipies online. Anyone have a particular recipe they’re happy with?

I’ve never had the original, but heard enough good stuff to want to try a clone.

You may have already seen this one. But I intend to try this in a few weeks.

http://davidrpatterson.me/2013/09/08/wh ... mbie-dust/

FWIW, I have heard rumor that the recipe has changed a little bit, and that the hop bill is no longer 100% Citra, but is now some combination of Citra and Simcoe. Personally, I’m not sure if I can detect whether I think that is true or not, but would not be surprised if both were used. Not being a huge fan of hoppy single-hop beers in general, if I were to clone, I would probably try it with another complementary hop along with the Citra.

I’ve had ZD in bottles, and thought it was good but over-hyped. And then I have had it at the actual brewery, and thought it was a different animal. Fantastic when super fresh!!