Zombie dirt ale

about two weeks ago did brew a zombie dirt ale with a grav of 1.056 did use a w yeast yeast starter did got lots of fermenting action the firts four days
now two weeks later want to transfer it to the second did took two days ago a grav reading it was around 1.045 yesterday di drading again still at 1.045 no active air lock going on
got a a big layer on top of my brew
thisi s fine but after two weeks it should be less
or not
so i did pitch last night extra yeast starter and lots of activity going on this morning

so my question why there was lots of activity the first four days and a grousen going on
this means my yeast still busy correct ???
so did it help pitch extra yeast yesterday weird
i keep my worth cold in a ice bad or could it be to cold for my yeast ?? temp around 68

Very unusual to have active fermentation for four days and then to have the SG at 1.045.
Was this an all grain brew or the extract version?
Do you use a hydrometer for SG or a refractometer. (Refractometers will not be accurate in the presence of alcohol.)

a extract kit actually did use both a hydro and refractometer to make sure
dont know what happens i did brew the beer couple of times before no issue at all and now dont know

Yeah I’m stumped on this one as well. With active fermentation you should have gotten a lot more drop in gravity. Usually if it only drops 10 points you are lucky to see much activity at all. Pitch extra yeast and do more waiting and see how it progresses. The only thing I can think of is if you ended up with non fermentable sugars in your wort. But no idea how that could have happened especially with an extract brew.

Is it possible your hydrometer is sticking in the sample tube keeping it from floating freely?

Did you get the same SG with the hydrometer as the uncorrected refractometer sample SG? The SG with the hydrometer and the uncorrected SG with the refractometer should not be the same. If they were the same check the calibration of the hydrometer in plain water. Card in side the hydrometer may have slipped showing an incorrect reading.

no had different readings on both gauges but did some calculations they came both real close so not happy adding extra yeast starter but i did now its back to fermenting airlock activity going on again will let it sit for a week and do other reading again .but me still confused why . could it be my yeast old did buy end of dec w yeast . its in the fridge and do make a starter so enough yeast cells

morning went even back to my brew journal and did re calculate my yeast starter first did think not enough starter but this was enough did think i did not use enough dme .not the case it did meet the requirments so dont know did pitch extra yeast and will do other grav reading next week

Did you taste yer sample? It will give you a hint… very sweet, then yer yeast had a problem. Dry, or nor sweet, then yer testing equipment needs to be looked at… This is just trying to simplify how to evaluate what could be the problem. Sneezles61