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Your favorite non fermentable sweetner

Background, I’ve now got about a year of wine making experience and 1 moderately successful beer brewing experience under my belt. I’m getting most of the basics of fermentation, but am far from an expert and this is my first cider experiment.

currently have 3 gallons of cider fermenting in my primary with an original SG of 1.044. Using EC1118 because it’s always been reliable for me when I’ve used it in fruit wine. I’ve never actually had hard cider before, but it seemed like something I’d like to try. I expect I’ll like it bone dry (like I like my wines) but predict my wife will want it at least slightly sweeter. I am going to bottle and I want it carbed, so I will need non fermentable sweetner. I’ve read mentions of various non fermentables but never any input on opinions of which is best. I have read (and would expect) that splenda is a bad choice. Glycerine would be one to consider, but hear it imparts very minimal sweetness. I’ve also heard of xylitol and lactose.

If you have a favorite sweetner, could you tell me and let me know why?

If you want it dry and she wants it sweet, why not just keep a bottle of simple syrup in the fridge for dosing her glass?

Thanks for the input, that’s probably the easiest way. Besides, I like, for the most part, keeping the beverages I make simple.

I just bought some xylitol and am going to use that to sweeten my cider when it is ready. I’ll let you know how it works.

When I bought 5 gallons of unfiltered cider last month to make a hard cider, I bought an extra gallon and froze it in ice cube trays. When folks don’t want the dry cider I love they can just add one or two cider cubes to sweeten it up.

There is no simple reliable way to get somewhat sweet, carbonated cider right out of the bottle. Perhaps the simplest method would be to ferment using a low-attenuating ale yeast. Some british yeasts work reasonably well for that.

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