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Quick question about the yield of the 1 gallon brew kits. According to the recipe it should have made the perfect amount for 12 bottles, however I was only able to fill 9. Is this normal?
I had the Chinook IPA 1 gallon kit and followed the recipe exactly. Any input would be helpful.

1 gallon is 128 oz. 128 oz divided by 12 oz/bottle is 10.6 (in a perfect world) bottles. Figuring a little bit lost to trub (the stuff at the bottom of your fermentor), any yeast blowoff, and dribs and drabs spilled during transfer and bottling, 9 seems pretty good.

I’ve never got 12 bottles in 1 gallon. The magic # is 10. I bottled a batch yesterday for a friend. You get 10 beers per gallon

You’ll always lose about 1-1.5 quarts to trub. Best to aim high on volume, like 1.25-1.35 gallons, so that you can get 11-12 bottles out of it at the end.

If you are fermenting in a one gallon carboy, in step 7

the bottom of the “one gallon” raised letters is 120 oz. With very little trub in the fermenter (due to siphoning) and no dry hopping, 8 or 9 bottles is a common yield - assuming that you have at least 120 oz of wort in the kettle after the boil or “top off” with additional water to get to 120 oz in the carboy.

If you are fermenting kits in a 2 gallon pail (or have a starter kit with the Little Big Mouth Bubbler), it’s practical to get 9 or 10 bottles from a one gallon kit.

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