Yggdrassil Imperial Pale

It’s by Porches Brewery. I’m rewarding the end of my brewday with it. I did notice there’s about a quarter inch of yeast settled out on the bottom, though. Anybody know what kind? I’d culture it if it’s worth it

Dunno, but yeast coming out of an imperial beer might be pretty stressed. If its not a beer that has a lot of yeast character, I usually don’t bother with harvesting/collecting.

So should I rule out that they maybe added yeast during bottling? B/c if that’s the case, as far as I understand it, that yeast shouldn’t be too exhausted. Right?

I still swam in 9% ABV but yes it wasn’t as hard as fermenting that stuff. Sometimes they add a different yeast strain for bottling. I just don’t see where this yeast has the potential to bring something you won’t get with US05. But give it a shot, hey its free.

That was the big seller for me. The only reason for fishing around for what type of yeast it might be would be because if it is US05 or 1056 I’ve got more of that on standby than I care to talk about.