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Yes brewing

Me today at the BREWERY a stout brew day. Tomorow at home. A clone of coastal evacuation only got to put the grains together. The clone beer calls for. Munich malt and caramel malt. Gonna replace the munich with. Maris otter

I’d think that would be a good swap… Sneezles61

Blonde ale today. 2 row, C15, light handed on galaxy and citra hops.

Gonna brew up a big batch of ESB. Some will go on Bret and some on figs

Have the opportunity to brew next week. What should it be? Currently in kegs/fermentation
Cream ale
Gose/mango gose
blonde ale

ESB or pale ale ?

Kinda diggin’ the idea of ESB.

Brewed my version of dead ringer yesterday.
12# pale row
1# carapils
1# caramel 40
2 oz centennial @ 60
2 oz centennial @ 20
2 oz centennial @ 5
3 oz centennial dry hop in the keg.


This looks nice. Me waiting to 2.30 to start the mash. My brew buddy around 3.30. Mash should be ready. At 4 start the boil

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