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Today I tapped. The first 1/2 glasses were foaming, but the bubbles were tight and beer tasted carbonated. Later in the afternoon(east coast) the beer had lease foam and tasted good. I have a 4 ft hose on now , but have a 6ft ready if I need it. When I did the calculation the first time , it suggested a 4ft drafting hose. I am going to wait and see after a few glasses. Somebody has to suffer the consequences. I forgot to tell you that I started this tasting at 9 am.


Attaboy! :grinning: Sounds like you nailed it man!

thank you!!

As far as line length… I have about 2’ of line and no problems getting a good brew from my keg… I’ve got 2 kegs carbing as we text… I did a small brew (practicing for summer). Perhaps all this with all this talk about “testing” now may be a good time for a sample? Wait a minute… I’ll be right back… (as the jeopardy song plays in the background) The first one, which I call “the glugmeister” is up and ready… The second needs more time… Sneezles61


I have been SAMPLING and checking. I might try and put the 6 ft hose on. The head goes down but it does stay.

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