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I’m guessing this yeast floating around? But it never hurts to have a second opinion. :slight_smile:

Is this all grain? Looks like cold break material… I get stuff like that when I use lots of maris otter.

It was an extract with specialty grain. I started dry hopping Saturday and checked my carboy tonight and it looks like a party is going on inside… or something…

I’m gonna stick with cold break proteins sticking together. It really can look weird. One more reason to ferment in a bucket - you can’t see some of the crazy shtuff that happens during fermentation!

Seriously, though… give it some more time, and see if they settle to the bottom. Check your gravity to make sure it isn’t too low. But probably fine.

I’ll probably check the gravity on Saturday. Cold crash Friday night and bottle Saturday. We’ll go with cold break. :slight_smile: It’s fine, right? :confused:

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I can’t say for certain, but I think yes. Doesn’t look like an infection at all.

Its all good, until… well… something… funky shows up! Pork Chop would have you covered though… Looks like you used crackers for a grain bill!! Sneezles61

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Reminds be of a very thick egg-drop soup with crackers (like you said)… or something along those lines. I’ll give her a test this weekend. I think this is going to be a fun-one trying to siphon over to the bottling bucket! :grin:

Looks like tofu

As long as it’s not killer tofu… :wink:

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Cold break, yes and primarily pelletized hops that have “unfolded” is my .02 cents

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