Yeast Suggestion for Cascade WC Imperial IPA

I am looking at ordering the Cascade West Coast Imperial IPA kit and NB is out of stock on the 1272 yeast. I have the following candidates in my yeast library 1056 American Ale, 1028 London Ale, 1764 Pacman, 1945 Neo Britiania, 1098 British Ale, or 1332 Northwest Ale. What would be a good substitue for 1272?

I’d go with 1056

I wasn’t sure if it would be closest to style but 1056 would be easiest for me. I have a 2nd generation 1056 fermenting a pale ale that I brewed this weekend. It blew the top off the bucket this morning. Should be good enough on the 3rd generation to ferment a higher gravity beer like this.

Ya I think 1056 would be the closest to 1272 and it definitely fits the bill for the beer style.

pacman would also be a fine choice. never tried 1332, but im sure that would work also.