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Yeast substitution site

Lately yeast seems to be in short supply…at least the ones I want. Anyone know of a good yeast substitution site? Looking for wlp 510 and wyeast 3463.

There is This site from mr malty. Hasn’t been updated in a long time though.

Wyeast 3463 is a seasonal release that isn’t available until July. You will just have to wait.

WLP 510 is available here’s the link…

thanks to all. I ordered the 510 from the site squeegeethree suggested. I am debating using wlp 400 as substitute for wyeast 3463 until I can get it. May bite bullet and get wlp 720 as a substitute which mr malty recommends. My local supply place is complaining about yeast not be available.

Trying to brew gulden draak.

Did you look at wlp500 its easier to control temp wise they say.

Good suggestion. It looks like it could be interesting. I am brewing a clone recipe of Gulden Draak from candi syrup company and they say to use 510. May try 500 after I follow recipe exactly first

I know Wyeast took a hiatus from production in I think early March. In addition, homebrewing ramped up so a smaller LHBS that doesn’t have the relationship bigger shops like our host or another online competitor would struggle getting yeast.

I’m biased, but here, try this:

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Looks like your best bets might be WLP400 or WLP720.

thanks great spreadsheet. I copied it so I could throw in a filter. Appreciate the help.

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