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Yeast substitution for Patersbier

So I just took my Christmas money to the LHBS and stocked up on Grain, Hops, Yeast and a shiny new (to me) keg. I have the itch to brew and am gonna brew two 5 gal batches on next monday.

  1. Porter recipe I love with a hop change to experiment. (Williamette for E.Kent Goldings)
  2. Patersbier…I got all the stuff for it from my LHBS but they stock White Labs yeast only. I opted for the WL500 Trappist Ale Yeast (high gravity) as it was the closest they had to the 3787 from Wyeast.

I am dead set on brewing with what I have and don’t care about hitting the Patersbier taste exactly, but what kind of differences am I gonna see? My brother brewed the Patersbier Extract kit from NB and it was awesome. Will I be anywhere close to that taste with this yeast or will I be completely out of the ballpark.

Either way, I am gonna drink it like it is my job!! Just curious.

  1. It will be so good that words alone will fail to describe it.
  2. You will cry when it is gone.

Edit- That’s the white labs “Chimay” yeast right?
It might be a bit bananany if you let it run wide open.
You are going to be turning this beer in a different direction.
With that yeast strain you might consider dropping the aroma hop addition.
Go for ~20 Ibus from one 90 min bittering charge.
Let the yeast really shine.

If you have not found these two references they are invaluable going forward.

Here is a great comparison-reference yeast chart:

Also a great tool for estimating yeast cell counts/ starter size necessary.

Here are some follow up articles that are good to take in if you have not seen the topics regarding yeast pitching rates yet. ... -practices

Dude, I hate to be that guy, but there is absolutely no sub for wyeast 3787… You need the westmalle strain for this beer to taste as described; to put it more plainly, this beer IS this yeast.

That said, making it with another Belgian abbey style yeast will I’m sure yield excellent results, but if you are going after the description off our hosts site, then I think you really need the 3787. An amazing beer though that really has gotten me into Belgian ales.

I agree there’s no sub for the Westmalle strain…true. However, WLP530 is also the Westmalle strain. See the Mr. Malty link for yeast. So, 530 is a sub for 3787. Please correct me (and Mr. Malty) if you feel this is in error.

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