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Yeast storing question

If re-using yeast, how long will it last in the fridge until my next brew?


Yeast will keep a very long time if you use sanitary procedures and keep it cold. Within two weeks of harvest, I just direct-pitch the jar of yeast to the fresh wort; if it sits longer than that, I make a small batch of beer for a starter, then use the yeast cake for the big batch (and harvest some of the cake for the next time).

Months if stored under beer in the fridge. After a month, make a starter.

Thanks for the help!

Make sure to take viabilty loss into account.

I have went six months in the fridge, made a starter though.

It really depends on the condition of your yeast. If you left the yeast in the primary for weeks then your yeast won’t be in that great of condition so I wouldn’t expect it to last more than a few months.
If you harvest as soon as the yeast falls it could last 6 or more months in the fridge. Of course washing and sterile water storage can more than double that time.

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