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Yeast Starters

Just curious if yeast starters need to be protected from sunlight like beer wort? Is there a magic temperature or normal wort temps?

Thanks in advance.

Are you going to pitch the entire starter or decant? If pitching, did you add hops to the wort? If no hops, no skunking. If pitching, you also would want to ferment at the proper temp for the beer type. But if decanting, you can ferment at any temp that works for you - warmer, like in the 75-85F range (or even higher), will get it done faster with no negative impact to the yeast or the beer that it gets pitched into later.

Sorry, should have been more specific. I’m going to use a flask and stir plate, and pitch the wyeast into the DME boiled wort. No hops.

But thanks Shadetree, you’ve answered my question.

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