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Yeast starters for Roselare and Lambic Blend

I’m gearing up to do a Kriek and an unblended Lambic with WY3278 (Lambic Blend) and an Old Bruin with WY3763 (Roselare). Should I follow pitching rate calculators (mr. malty) with these, or just a smack-pack for 5 gallons? Secondly, since the kriek and the lambic use the same WY3278, can I make a starter and split it, pitch half the pack into each, or should I buy another smack pack?

I asked the same question about 5 months ago. Here is a quote from the wyeast website on both of these yeast strains. “Propagation of this culture is not recommended and will result in a change of the proportions of the individual components”. :cheers:

So would you pitch 3 smack packs into each, or just pitch one?

With my limited experience with sour beers, I don’t know the answer for sure. IMO if the pack is a 1.5 months old or less old just go with one. Maybe someone with more sour experience will have a better answer. Good Luck

I would just pitch one.

Thanks, folks. I’ll let you know how they turn out in 3 years.

I’ve been thinking about making a batch of raspberry Lambic. Maybe I’m way off base here but, would adding yeast nutrients cut down the long fermentation time? I’m also thinking about adding lactose to sweeten it a bit, but i’ve heard mixed reviews about that approach. I just really don’t want to use splenda like many commercial brands and I want some extra sweetness. Also I’ve heard that the bacteria in Lambic blend yeast can’t be sanitized so I will need separate equipment. Is that true even if I’m using glass carboys?

Glass will work fine. Anything plastic you may want a dedicated sour set of. :cheers:

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