yeast starter

I plan
On makin jamils evil twin and dead ringer… I dnt know how to do a yeast starter can I get by without?

Just buy more yeast. Or use dry yeast instead of liquid.

Dry yeast will solve the problem?

You just buy and pitch the amount you need, no starters with dry yeast.

so if i choose the safale us-05 option on my kit that is the dry yeast and i would just pitch that package?

how bout if i just buy a yeast starter kit they would be much easier huh… and the dme they send with the 1000ml is ok for the beers i plan on brewing?
and is one of those kits enough for two batches?

There’s nothing easier than dry yeast. But if you want to have more yeast variety and can practice good sanitation and have the money to spend on the kit, go for it, you won’t be sorry.

ok thanks for the info…but one more…the safale us 05 is dry yeast that a kit can come with?

yes, US-05 is dry yeast that can come with a kit. Just hydrate it with distilled water that is about 80F, let the yeast cream up at room temperature and if you have enough time, allow it to cool down to pitching temperature (mid to low 60’s). Pitch the whole slurry into the wort when it is in the low 60’s. If you want, after a few days of fermenting, you can let it rise up into the mid to upper 60’s to finish off.


I recommend spending the little bit more and going for the larger 2L flask for a starter kit. You will need it before long, especially of you go to lagers.

If you don’t have a stir plate (yet), I’d just get a gallon glass jug. Cheaper than a flask and you can make a larger starter if you want to do a big beer or lager.

Good starting point for info on starters:

I would like to try the yeast starter kit but do I need two of them since I’m making two different batches? I need this broke down like preschool skit I’m still learning!

Take some time and think it through. We don’t have all the info that is in your head. If you are making two batches on the same day, using the same yeast, then you just need a very big starter to split between the two. The size of the starter will depend on the style of beer.

If you are planning to brew two different styles on the same day, which is what I do, I have one stir plate and two flasks. I give myself an extra few days and I will alternate flasks on the stir plate. One will go all night and the other will go the next day, etc. So if you are creative, you can make it work without buying two complete starter kits with stir plates.

Another alternative if not using a stir plate would be to make a starter a week ahead of time and store in a mason jar while you prepare the other one. If you pitch within a week, it should be fine.

Do I need to refridgerate safale us 05 dry yeast if I can’t use it rite away

[quote=“ReinDaddy”]Do I need to refridgerate safale us 05 dry yeast if I can’t use it rite away[/quote] It will extend the life of the yeast to keep it refrigerated, both dry and liquid.

If I give all my equiptment a good hot soap was and rinse the spray with star san is tha sufish?

Totes sufish.

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