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Yeast starter needed?

So I bought the Spiced Winter Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit with the Omega Yeast 015 Scottish Ale.

Would it help to do a yeast starter a few days before with dry malt extract?

According to the DIRECTIONS this is a 1.047 OG wort. I would not bother making a starter.
If you decide to make a starter “a few days before” is too much time IMO. I like to pitch a starter at its most active which is typically around 24 hours after I begin.

On the yeast package, the claim is enough for 5 gallons… So I’d follow their directions… I usually brew up 10 gallon at a time, so starter in my book is needed… I also save yeast … So again, a starter is needed… For building up the amount of cells and to verify they are alive and ready to party! Sneezles61

This is one of those you don’t really need to but it sure won’t hurt things. If you have the time and don’t mind the little work make a starter the day before. The more the merrier with yeast cell count. Like @squeegeethree said with that low an OG you can probably get away with just pitching it though.

I do starters. For beer larger than a grav of 1.052. For low grav beers i pitch the. Washed yeast i did collect. But if you got time you can allways create a starter few days before. Cold crash. On brew day decant the yeast. Let it warm up and pitch

Thanks everyone!

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