Yeast starter how much

normally i do make i liter yeast starter couple of days before brewing
i do use the w yeast activator 1 billion smack pack
now i am wondering gonna make the storm the bastille farm house ale with a og grav of 1.088 accourding calculation i should be ok with one pack of yeast
but i am not sure if this will be enough

Best thing to do is use a yeast calculator. How many new yeast cells that will be propagated in a one liter wort of a certain Original Gravity depends upon the age/viability of the yeast. This calculator has a very realistic built in calculator for yeast viability.

The calculator also has an over build option so you can save some of the yeast propagated. This will give you fresh yeast that has not undergone the stresses of a fermentation to use in you next starter. This is especially good for when your brew is high OG and the yeast may have been to stressed by the ABV to harvest for reuse.

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