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Yeast starter for 2 batches

I’m planning to brew two 5 gal. batches on the same day and i’m wondering if I can make enough starter for both with 1 vial of yeast. I have a vial of White Labs WPL001 w/ a best by date of Jan 2013. I plan to make an IPA w/ an OG of 1065 and an XPA w an OG of 1055. If it’s possible could you clue me in on the proportions etc. If not, I have an extra vial of the yeast but I’d rather save it for a future batch.

Thanks, Mike

It’s possible to figure out how big a starter you need for both beers. First let’s figure out how much each batch needs using yeastcalc.

the 1.065 batch will need 237B and the 1.055 batch will need 202B which is a total of 439B.
From there, adjust your viability and starter size/type to reach the final goal.

Plan on making 2 starters which (depending on stirplate or shaking) could take 6-10 days. Be sure to plan ahead for starters so they’re ready on brewday.

Good luck!


mv, thanks for the info and the calculating tables. I’ve made a couple of starters before and just kind of winged it but like this idea much better. I’ll just have to allow more time than I thought since it will take several steps.

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