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Yeast smells strong

After being gone for 8 weeks of brewing. Think i will brew next week. So went checking yesterday. My harvest yeast. To create next week a starter. But it kind of smells real strong. Like alcohol. Can i still use it to create a starter

I always give the snif test. You know what it should smell like so if its different I probably wouldn’t use it

Create a starter and see. I think alcohol smell is fine. Moldy, rotten or oily smell is problematic

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Maybe fine probably is fine but if its giving off esters that give you pause maybe you will get the same esters in your beer. Im just saying if i have a questionable yeast i vote dump. Yeast is cheap

I agree. Is there a chance of carry over to the finished beer? Not sure. But if it is smelling different than beer or yeast this is usually a sign of problems. And yeast is cheap in the scope of the total of grains, hops, water, energy , and time put into it.


Its more strong alcohol smell. Gonna make a starter wedness day. Or decide to use saison dryyeast. Or us4. Mayby should brew a saison. Friday.

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