Yeast Smelled Like Feces?

I just kegged my latest beer. It tasted and smelled wonderful. All the yeast dropped out during cold crash and was completely, crystal clear. The issue is, why did the trub smell like fecal matter? Was this autolysis from freezing the yeast? I used fresh US-05 and fermented my standard RIPA for a month, then cold crashed for several days at 30°F. I have never smelled this from US-05 and I have brewed the same recipe every two weeks for the last seven years.

Are you re-using yeast or using a fresh pack every time? My first two thoughts would be autolysis or infection.

It was probably just a sulfur smell.

I would go with both of the above replies as accurate. It is 90% chance it is one of the two.

I recently smelled of an certain-autolic brew. It smelled like poo; or something even worse (dead rotting flesh, specifically; which it is, actually). But having said that, your brew doesn’t sound old enought to suffer from autolosis.

Sulphur smell would be obvious to pick out, and would probably smell more like rotten eggs than poo.

10% chance, someone pooped in yer fermenter while you slept.

Oh man…almost made coffee come out my nose reading that!

What if the trub had frozen and rethawed? Would that cause premature autolysis of the yeast?

I would think that actual freezing may have caused the yeast’s cell walls to rupture.


How many times have we told you? You’ve GOT to get a new fermenter!

Thanks old dawg. Just spit beer all over the computer!