Yeast slurry vs dry yeast

My last 10 gallons of .060 IPA I used 400ml US05 slurry in one bucket and and two dry packs in the other. Both had 4.75 gallons of wort pitched at 65deg together. They both took off at about the same time. I went away for 4 days and the slurry had no more pressure in the air lock ,but the dry was chugging away. After 7 days the dry is still bubbling. MI pulled the lid on both krausen on dry non on the slurry .004 done. It was probably done a couple days ago. The slurry is six or more generations and I was planning on retiring it but now I’m not sure. Do you think it mutated for the better?

Wow, isn’t that a really low FG for a beer? Do you think it’ll be a bit on the dry side? Wouldn’t the body of the beer be a little thinner, or do you like it that way? The alcohol will be nice and high. My last batch of IPA went down to 1.007 which is the lowest FG I’ve gotten so far on a beer. Still in fermenter waiting for dry hops, so not sure how it will taste yet. Whatever you got in that slurry, it has a high attenuation! I guess I would suggest giving it a taste, and if you like it, keep the slurry?

I m a little surprised myself. I’ve used that slurry before and it didn’t go that low. I do like my beer dry. We shall see. Also it’s a replacement hydrometer might be off. Also my mash temp dropped little below my target. Interested to see where the dry ends up.

Actually I just looked back and I did have at least one in that range mostly around .005 or .006 so I doubt I would taste the difference. I don’t pay much mind to hydrometer readings just making sure it’s done. I don’t think my readings or my eyes are that accurate. Edit: Another thing is my saisons and Belgians are always down there.

I’m surprised at those low gravity readings. I have rarely had anything under 1.010 with the exception of mead and cider. Are you using a lot of sugar or something that ferments out completely? I also would think a beer with a starting gravity of 60 that fermented out that low might be dry. The hops in an IPA could mask that some.

Are the readings with a hydrometer? If so did you test it to see if it is accurate?

I only add sugar to Belgians usually. I don’t brew a lot of IPA. I do like my beer dry but I don’t get any alcohol taste when I tasted the sample. Like I said it could be the hydrometer or more likely my eyes.

Just an update. I kegged the slurry batch today and was more carfull reading the hydrometer and it was .006 so I probably read it wrong before. I tested the dry and it was at .009 but I think it’s going to go further still a little krausen and air lock pressure. I threw some dry hops in and reseated it. Some have said it is pitch rate but I’m not so sure , I don’t know how 400ml of slurry correlates to two packs of dry.

I am using WY 1056 for NB’s IPA Dead Ringer (OG 1.064) and NB’s American Amber Ale (OG 1.047).
Amber ale - Fresh yeast and generation 1 and 2 finished at 1.011. Generation 4 finished at 1.009. Generations 5 and 6 have finished at 1.006.
Dead Ringer - Started with generation 4 yeast, finished at 1.011. Generation 5 finished at 1.009. Generation 6 finished at 1.007. This one was just dry hopped in the primary. The SG sample before dry hopping was fantastic. This may be the best IPA yet.

I do believe the properties of the yeast can change. So far the changes have been towards a better beer. At what generation may it go the other way?

So if each subsequent generation gets better attenuation it does suggest they are changing.

It’s also possible you have some wild yeast creeping in with each subsequent pitch, that is slowly increasing its population over time and leading to higher attenuation…

I did collect it from a graff but I had used Camden in the juice so I wasn’t concerned. I’ll dump if and start collecting more.

Even if you are ultra cautious about sanitation there is microlora floating around. And as Pork said, even if it starts at a low rate every time you use that yeast the population grows.

Hold on, don’t dump it if you are happy with the results. After all, how else are new strains developed?
Maybe you are working with the next ‘Brewcat Favorite’(ie. Denny’s Favorite WY 1450)

This!! As long as you aren’t getting any off flavors and don’t mind the higher attenuation, keep this one rolling!

Kind of like Russian roulette. Ok it’s in the fridge

There is a small brew pub over here that played around with wild yeast from a plum fruit and THAT makes an awesome beer! So ifn yer brews are good without out any funk, keep that junk a rolling! Maybe split it and save some to mingle with fresh yeast later to tame it down. I like toying with different parts of the brews just to keep my mind entertained! Sneezles61

just tested my knobby tire ale, fat tire clone w/ candi sugar and Abbey yeast. I pitched my 530 slurry and my boys kicked but. Got 90% the calculator says average attenuation 75%. Soooo, can we just throw those average numbers out the window when using slurry? Will I always get 90% with that slurry or was it the sugar. It tasted reall good warm and flat and at 7.8% it didn’t taste alcoholic at all, I think it will make a fine winter warmer.