Yeast selection question

Will a yeast with lower attenuation give me a beer that tastes a bit sweeter that one with a higher attenuation?

Maybe. A yeast with a given lower attenuation per cent will usually result in a higher final gravity than a yeast with a higher attenuation percentage rating. Perceived sweetness can be more from ingredients than whether FG is 1.009 or 1.014. The 1.014 beer may seem more malty with greater mouthfeel than sweet compared to the 1.009 beer with the same ingredients.

I agree. Hopping rate will also affect perceived sweetness.

I’m drinking a saison w/brett that went from 1.044 to 0.098.
Body is somewhat thin, but still has residual sweetness.

As will mash temps too! See easy this is? :open_mouth: Sneezles61