Yeast pitch

I am brewing a 1554 clone. The fermentation temp is 65 degrees. I usually pitch 2 2000ml yeast starters. At a higher temp of 65 for this lager, do I need this much yeast?


I looked up the original/specific gravity of that beer, which is 1.051. So I don’t think you would need that much yeast. Over the last decade, yeast pitching has changed dramatically. I don’t pitch a huge amount of yeast anymore, except in very rare circumstances.
I haven’t used my yeast stir plate in many years. If you haven’t yet looked into it, dive into shaken, not stirred yeast starters.(SNSYS). Soooo Much easier and better product.

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Using an active yeast starter makes the difference. As Voodoo talks of, is what I use now. Do you then chill down once the yeast is busy?

Thanks for the advise.i will look into shaken.

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You’ll find it’s been talked of on here a few times as well. Keep us posted!

I briefly outline it for you:
Make your starter as you normally would by making your ideal amount of wort. Obtain a container that is at least 4x bigger than your wort amount. I use a Pyrex media bottle, but others simply use an old plastic juice bottle. Either way you want it to have a lid. Once the wort is at pitching temp, transfer it to your bottle. Shake the living crap out of it. I really mean that. Shake the crap out of it. You want it to be all foam. Then, simply add your yeast and let it sit. Try to make this about 12-18 hours before pitch time into the beer.
The thought around this is the foam is full of O2 which acts as the catalyst to get the yeast going. And it produces a cleaner product as you don’t get yeast shear which reportedly is common with stir plates. I’m like @voodoo_donut and haven’t touched my stir plate in about 6+ years.