Yeast on the bottom of secondary (lager)

I racked my schwarzbier over to secondary and moved it to the basement to lager at 40F about a week ago. I just went to check to make sure the temp was good today and i saw that theres about a half inch of yeast settled on the bottom of the carboy.
Did i rack over to secondary too early and will that yeast on the bottom have negative effects on the outcome?
should i rack it again or at this point would it be best to leave it alone and let it do its thing?

If fermentation was complete (steady hydrometer reading) you racked it at an acceptable time.
Yeast and other solids will continue to drop out even if you were to transfer it to another vessel.

I currently have a lager and a IPA that have been in “primary” for 3 weeks. I like to keep things simple. I don’t use a “secondary”. It’s one less thing to clean and sanitize.

I don’t think it will have any negative effect. In the past month I bottled two lagers that had been in primary for 3+ weeks and lagering for 4+ weeks. At bottle time, both had a thin layer of yeast on the bottom. Less than what I usually find in the bottom of my secondary containers when I do a secondary(don’t do as many as I used too). The Oktoberfest is fully bottle conditioned and tastes great. My Cascadian Dark Lager has only been in the bottles for a week, but it was promising at bottling time.
In case you’re interested, I didn’t add any yeast to the Oktoberfest and it took about 3 weeks to carbonate. Added 1/2 packet of dry yeast to the CDL at bottling time and it seems to be carbonating quicker.

thanks guys, guess i just needed reassurance
this is my first time round with the whole lagering thing. cant wait to taste this!