Yeast nutrients "Brewers Yeast?"

Haven’t heard it in a while but I know I read somewhere that adding old dried yeast to the bioil provided nutrients for fermentation. My question is can you use the “BrewersYeast” you find at health food stores for the same reason?

I am asking because someone gave me a pretty big package of it because they realized it tastes like crap, so wanted to see if I could use it. If it is a free package of yeast nutrient I would like to use it.

Yes, I’m sure it would give whatever benefit that a spoonful of slurry to the boil would. Mostly B vitamins, protein and a little fatty acids.

I,ve read the yeast gits every thing, except zinc, from the malt and by products due to the saccrifination process… I think,Jim, you may have read that too! Sneezles61

Yeast extract is a routine component of growth media for both bacteria and yeast. The stuff you buy for the lab is processed a bit more (, but I usually add a tablespoon of the nutritional yeast to my starters before boiling them up because I think it can’t hurt and probably does add a bit of extra vitamins etc. In my mind it hasn’t done any harm – don’t know if it’s done anything extra.