Yeast Nutrient with Smackpack

Can you use the vial of wyeast yeast nutrient with a smack pack? Since the smack pack has yeast nutrient in it, will there be a benefit to adding more yeast nutrient? Also do you use it in the starter or the boil?

The yeast nutrient is usually used in the boil. Adding extra yeast nutrient to the starter wort may over do some minerals.

So if I am doing a starter with a smack pack, would I still put the yeast nutrient in the boil? Don’t the smack packs have a nutrient pack in it? Can you put too much yeast nutrients in one batch?

I think it would be okay to add yeast nutrient to the boil, but doubling up on nutrient for a smack pack starter might be over doing the needed nutrients.

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The reason its in the smack pack it to help the yeast wake up and set it up for multiply its self. Now yer wort has everything your yeast needs, short of zinc, and you shouldn’t throw in any zinc plater thingamajiggy’s to help… Sneezles61

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