Yeast longevity - how long will Lallemand Nottingham keep?

I was given a basic “Irish Red” starter kit (containing a packet of Lallemand Nottingham Ale yeast) for Christmas but have just got around to opening and reading the instructions. It seems that I should have kept the yeast in a cool place (i.e. fridge) but, unfortunately, it’s been stored in a location that can get quite warm (high 60’s/early 70’s). Should I just buy a new packet or is what I have still usable?

Thanks in advance.

What is the expiration date on the packet of yeast?

I have used old Nottingham with no issues but if you worry about it make a starter with it to increase the amount of viable yeast cells.

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Go ahead and use it, but have another one on hand to add if the lag time drags on too long,

Some extra information. Dry yeast will lose up to 20% viability per year when stored at 68°F. This was an answer referring to a wine yeast. Does it apply to all dry yeast, no clue.

Don’t see why it wouldn’t… Wine yeast and ale yeast are pretty much the same thing, same species.

I think for the $4 I would buy a spare and if not needed it is always handy to have some dry yeast on hand for an emergency. Toss it in the fridge and some day if you have a batch that won’t take off it will be very handy.