Yeast from NB?

Hello i am just get back into brewing for the 1st time in 5years or so… But i have a ? about ordering yeast from NB which i never order before. ? how old are the wyeast pack vs whitelabs tube of yeast that NB sells meaning when you order from NB an it gets to you how old is your yeast is it 1 month , 2 month ect

right around a month or less for both that has been my experience anyway.

Both wlp570 tubes I recently purchased were produced within 6 weeks of delivery.

Edit: By comparison, I’ve never seen a tube that young at my lhbs. Last time I stopped in the owner was trying to pawn off a poped wyeast 1056 pack on a new brewer.

^^ I’ve only ordered Wyeast but NB has never let me down.

I’m local so I typically pick up at either of the NB stores. I think the oldest yeast i’ve gotten was near 2 months, and then again it was british ale varient that likely isn’t the most popular these days.
Most times when purchasing 1056,1272 they are within 4 weeks.

I get liquid yeast from my local. When I plan a recipe I usually give myself 2 or 3 yeast options. I’m always able to find one of my choices that’s only a couple weeks old.

The liquid yeast I have purchased from NB has always as fresh or fresher than the yeast I get at my LHBS’s. I suspect they turnover their inventory pretty fast.

Edit: as long as you’re making a appropriate starter, whatever the date is on the pack/vial that NB sends you will be fine.

For me the bigger issue is the temp during transit. Even with ice packs, no way I’d buy yeast online during the summer unless I was desperate. Now that weather has cooled, I’d have no problem ordering yeast from NB.

There’s also the matter of selection. NB has an expansive selection. The LHBS that carries White Labs in my area is often out of several strains. I’ve had good luck with the shop that sells Wyeast always having what I need.