Yeast for a Porter

I purchased a High Sierra Porter kit with a Safale US-05 yeast packet. I plan to add bourbon soaked oak chips during the secondary. I don’t have a yeast starter and the store said that this Safale would be fine for what I was making. I’ve read in other places that more yeast is needed for this type of beer, but the person at the store contradicted that. Do I have enough yeast?

I’m not familiar with that kit but unless it is a very high gravity beer the US-05 will work fine for it. I have used it for beers over 1.060 with no starter or rehydrating.

Hard to say without seeing the recipe. What’s the target OG for the kit?

Is OG the same as terminal gravity?

OG is the original gravity before fermentation. Terminal also called FG or final gravity. If you subtract the FG from the OG you can calculate the alcohol by volume. Google ABV calculator or multiply the the number by 131. For example if your OG is 1.060 and FG is 1.010 1.060-1.010=.05X131=6.55

The original gravity for this beer is 1.06.

1 packet will be fine.