Yeast ferm temp range

I’m wondering if one should choose a yeast based more on the flavor profile one wants than by altering ferm temp.

For example. I recently did AK-47 with the Neobrittania yeast fermented at 65. Turned out really good, but maybe a little too clean. So, I repitched into a batch of The Innkeeper and did at 70. The yeast description says it’s good from 64-74.

Wouldn’t you know it, at racking recently I tasted a little more ester than I wanted, maybe even some higher alcohols. Crap. I guess I would’ve been better off getting a different yeast than fermenting at the higher end of the temp range.

Anybody got any thoughts/experience?

Could you rephrase your question? Not really sure what you are asking, but 70 is pretty warm for ANY ale IMO, even a saison (I pitch those in the mid-60’s and let it raise up after the active phase has started).

I think I get what your asking. If you’re looking for a flavorful, estery yeast should you just ferment one high in the temp range or get a yeast that is known for it’s flavors and esters? If that makes sense, I think it does. I think the key lies in experimentation. You gotta try some stuff out and take some notes. Write down what you did so you know for reference. Now you know that NeoBrit is too clean for you at 65 but to intense at 70 so maybe a different yeast is in order.

This is where the split batch yeast experiment suggestions come in. There are a few ways to go. Split a batch and pitch two different yeast strains. Or split a batch and pitch the same strain but ferment at a different temp. Take notes and brew accordingly.