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Yeast disposal

If I dont want to save my yeast cake, whats the safest/best way to dispose of it? I do not have a compost storage or a garden to add it to.

You can flush it down the toilet. Don’t pour it down the drain - good chance of totally blocking the drain.

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Don’t ask how I learned this independantly.

Really, what? I will send them down the laundry tub sink, no problemos…. Sewer still works with out a problem…. except that damn oak tree gowing a couple of feet each year! Sneezles61

As long as you run the sink for awhile to wash it through I think you should be ok. Personally I’ll pour mine out in the compost pile I feel wrong dumping them down the sewer. No way to treat the help.

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I always put about a gallon of water in the fermenter and swish it around to thin it then pour it down the kitchen drain with the garbage disposal running.

I tried saving yeast but with the all the different varieties I use and my very sparse brewing schedule, All I did was accumulate jars of dead yeast in my fridge.

Aw dad gummit BC, you just broke me heart into a million pieces,…. treating help like that… :persevere: Sneezles61

Thanks all. Just wasnt sure what to do with it if I wasnt going to wash it. I have been dumping in the sink with alot of water behind it (save doing my dished for that so it not just wasted water).

If I’m not saving the yeast, I wash it down the drain. You can hear my septic tank singing for days afterward.

to handle such kind of situations you should have a good quiality garbage disposal to dispose any such material easily by just pressing single button with the help of electricity.

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