Yeast difference

I am new to brewing, and new to the site. I have made three kits of extract beer and of all turned out well. I’ve gotten the kits from our local beer supply store, and they use Brewers best. I want to buy the garden hoe kit from this site and I see that there are three options for yeast. I have tried to figure out what the real differences are but I can’t seem to really wrap my head around it. Any help from you experienced Brewers would greatly be appreciated thank you.

Unless you are familiar with liquid yeast and starters I would stick with the Safbrew T 58 ale yeast. I am assuming you used dry yeast with your previous attempts. The other two choices are liquid yeasts. Nothing wrong with using them but requires some different techniques and some equipment.

There are three to four, or six, major yeast manufacturers. Strains of yeast can be liquid or dry, but a dry yeast on the recommended list, will usually delivery the same results as a liquid yeast in the finished beer.

There is more variety of yeast strains in liquid yeasts.

Liquid yeasts usually require a starter, unless the beer you are brewing is low OG, and the yeast is fresh.

Take a look at the manufacturer’s web site for more information on the yeast to make your decision.

Yes, they have been all dry. Tyvm