Yeast Dead?

I brewed American Wheat yesterday afternoon. I followed the instructions and I am sure the wort was at the proper temperature when I pitched the yeast. This morning I have no activity in the airlock. I have made this before and although the activity slowed down a lot after day one I still saw bubbles. I am concered that my yeast is bad. I stored the yeast in the refirigerator for several months. I took it out and brought it to room temperature before I put it in. I am concerned that I have my first batch failure. What options do I have at this point?

Well, don’t worry, was yer yeast liquid or dry? Liquid will last for a while, but a starter will get the yeast count up and to the appropriate pitching quantity. You say it sat in the fridge fer several months, probably more dead than live yeast, but it will take some time for the live yeast to get started and then may be stressed out at such a big job in front of them. Can you get some more yeast like tomorrow? Even dry? Rehydrate it then pitch… I would be concerned if you get more than 3 days past brew date without getting the yeast fermenting yer wort. Sneezles61

It was dry yeast. I walked away and did not check it until this morning. The water in the airlock is pushed to one side and there was a fermenting aroma in the house so I know it activated. There is a crust on top of the wort. I just did not think it would happen that fast and expected to see some activity in the airlock for several days at least. I guess I need to wait it out. This is about my 6th batch I have made and I am concerned because I see no activity after less than 18 hours. Could I be ok?

What was your ferment temp?

Its good you check in with some of the other brewers that have been in yer same shoes… Give it more time and you’ll find out it can be pure science, OR, this is what works fer me so I can move forward… Its in yer court… Sneezles61

If you got krausen it’s fermenting. Probably a leaky seal. Carry on.

I think mine might be…

I did the Slobber yesterday afternoon, and this morning the airlock was bubbling like crazy. Temp was about 70f. when I pitched the yeast, was 67f this morning. A little after lunch, was still bubbling like crazy, and the krausen was getting to the point I was going to put my blow off hose on it, and temp got to 78, so wrapped a wet towel around it and cranked up my fan. Its back down to 72, but the cake already fell… Im still getting some bubbling, but not like this morning, more like its been in about a week.

Used danstar windsor ale yeast.