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Yeast Choice for Imperial Porter?

If you want english I would use WLP 007 Dry English Ale. Attenuates very well and has low esters especially if you ferment 63-65ish.

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Notting. Ham.

How about wyeast 1728 scotch ale? It made fine scotch ale for me and would make a fine imperial porter.

The starting OG is 1.084 and it should finish around 1.015. I’ve used 007 a bunch with Arrogant Bastards and hadn’t though it of for this brew.

I use it on almost all my dark big beers (imperial stouts, porters, etc). Any esters that do get produced are mostly hidden behind all the other flavors going on. It ferments like a champ, it is way faster than 001 Cal Ale and flocculates much better too. I also like WLP 013 London Ale, doesn’t attenuate quite as well as 007 but does a good job. I didn’t mention it earlier because it does have a unique flavor profile, leaves smokey/oaky, bard yardy flavor in the beer, which I think compliments darker beers but sounds like you want something cleaner.

One last thought, some guys in a club by me won gold in NHC using WY1028 in their brown porter.

Cheshire_Cat - which yeast are you referring to “I use it on almost all my dark big beers” …

I’d use American (1056), London 1028, or British 1098. Ferment it on the cool side.

I’ve never used an ESB yeast but always do control the fermentation temperature.

Actually these three strains are great for a wide variety of styles.
If it’s a recipe you like, this is a great opportunity to do some split batches to see which yeast you like best. But if my own experience is any indication, the differences between them will much subtler than is often hyped (especially in a brew like this).
Bottom line is that any of the strains mentioned (as well as any of quite a few others not mentioned) in this thread will do an excellent job.

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