Yeast at room temp for 2 weeks. Is it good?

Quick question. My wife bought me a Belgian Tripel kit for X-mas and didn’t realize the yeast Wyeast 3787) needed to be refrigerated. It sat at room temp for almost 2-weeks in the box. I immediately refrigerated on X-mas day. Does this render it useless?

Can I salvage with a starter?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

Only one way to find out! I would make a starter and see what happens. If it takes off, you can brew your kit and pitch.

Some times we ferment at/near room temp. Transferring the beer to a keg or bottles and using the yeast again. While it’s been at room temp for 3-4 weeks. :wink:

My money is on “your just fine”.

Thanks guys. I made a starter and will let it ride.

not to hijack a thread, but I have the same kit and same yeast, but opposite potential problem
my wrapped Christmas Belgian Tripel kit was in the garage frozen for two weeks…

I will be trying a starter for it, but wondering if I should be prepared for a plan b

It’s a smack pack right? Give it a smack. You may end up waiting 3-4 days for it to show signs of life. If none, order new yeast.

If there is life make a small starter, 1pt to a quart. Then make another one, .5-1 gallon.

Agreed. It might take some time to get going but it should be okay. If it was a slurry left at room temperature I would be concerned about bacteria, but the smack pack should be good, just a little low on sterols and glycogen.

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