Yakima Valley Hops Sale

Yakima Valley has some of their 2018 hops on sale for pretty good prices right now. Got a couple 1 lb bags of centennial for $10 each.

Anyone ever use LD Carlson hops? I don’t know if they rebrand or what but when I brewed Sunday I opened a new bag of centennial from them and it was mostly dust. Very upset about it because I can’t remember where I got the hops.

Never used the LD Carlson. I mostly buy from YVH and also got up on that Centennial sale.

Yea me too. Occasionally I’ll grab something off Amazon if YVH doesn’t have what I need, or at the LHBS if I need it right away. I may have picked these up at my LHBS…nothing recent in my Amazon history.

I ordered centennial hops from Bells and that’s what they sent. They were good in the 2 heart and resilience. The only thing was they didn’t have a date on the bag but when I ordered them I think they said 2017. The resealable bag is nice

Damnit! I don’t need any but I know how this usually turns out. I just scored a a 7gal spike unitank off craigslist for absolutely no reason… now I have two 7gal Conicals and two 14gal Conicals. Small production brewery?
I do admit I have a problem.


You are such a hoarder Loopie! :grin: Sneezles61

Clearly, you have a problem Loopie. Let me help you with your problem, go ahead and ship your spare 7 gallon conicals to me and I’ll get them out of your hair, I’ll even pay for freight!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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@sneezles61 sometimes it feels that way!

Radagast I never said I wouldn’t use them… just that I didn’t need it. Guess I’ll have to brew more! :tired_face: :joy:

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You 2… group hug… after many quaffable brews though!:grin: Sneezles61

So I’m hop shopping at the moment and I went to check out and noticed the cheapest shipping price is $17.31 via FedEx. This seems a bit inflated from previous orders and maybe that’s why so many varieties are “on sale” as well. Now I’m looking elsewhere

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That’s crazy

I emailed them about it and it’s inflated due to the whole leaf hops I had in my cart. May have to cancel them now

The super sale hops are all 2016 crops too.

Why do whole hops require extra shipping cost?

So you don’t squish them? Sneezles61

Because they are bulkier and can’t fit into their flat rate envelopes apparently.

I don’t know how many pound your ordering but that’s rediculous. The need to find a better shipping company or build the shipping into the price. Some home brew suppliers are getting gready in my opinion. Plenty options out there.

It’s not the shipping company. That’s just how much shipping costs. I checked YVH site and found that shipping one pound of leaf hops to my house costs $17.00 for USPS and $14.50 for FedEx.

Not everyone can give away shipping like amazon does. Some companies, especially smaller ones, actually have to pay taxes.


Like everything else economies of scale affect pricing. So, to remove contract pricing from the equation I checked FedEx, UPS and USPS sites and found variance of only 88 cents between them.

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