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Wyeast pack arrived activated?

Does this look right? Its my first wyeast and it looks activated, should I put it in the fridge? I think it might have sat with the Memorial day weekend and all. UGH!

What’s the date? I’d put it in the fridge and then make a starter a few days before you plan to brew. Or if you have time, contact NB and see if they’ll send you a new pack.

Date is 16 may 12 just opened it package from NB 10 minutes ago. I put it in the fridge first thing.

How soon are you planning on brewing? Are you going to make a starter? That’s really fresh yeast and those containers can take some serious pressure… you will likely be just fine. Keeping it refrigerated is a good idea.

I once got a package of Wyeast that had a failed seal along one side and the yeast covered everything in my order… so an activated pack isn’t that bad :slight_smile:

I’ve purchased a few packs of 1056 lately from NB and all of them came looking like that, while the other strains of Wyeast I ordered came completely deflated. I think maybe the little packet of wort that gets smacked may not have a great seal in the 1056 and is causing the yeast to become active and inflate the package. It’s the simplest explanation that I can come up with, just not sure why it’s only affecting the 1056. I made a starter each time I used the 1056 and haven’t had a problem with it. You should be fine.

Might they be doing that because the super hot temperatures of the ups truck?

Do I have to use a starter or can I just add it to the cooled down wort?

I got some different strains in the same shipment that arrived looking normal, so I don’t think that is it. This issues seems exclusive to 1056.

The yeast have likely been stressed so you’ll be better off making a starter. That will give them a chance to build up some more cells.

And a starter is really a good idea almost all the time.

This happens to my smack packs every time the temp. goes up. I just make a starter and try to use it as soon as I can.

I just got in a pack of London Ale III that was partially expanded with the built-in nutrient pack burst. Probably a combination of temp and handling I guess?

I’ve had mine show up inflated, once I pitched the yeast I found that the nutrient pack inside was still full and not burst. I think it’s been that way every time I’ve received an inflated smack pack. So I don’t know what the deal is…but I usually make a starter with those either way.

Sounds like the folks at wyeast packaged the yeast before it fully ferment out so it kept going to a bit after packaging and thus inflating the pack.

Similar arrival condition with 1056. Contacted NB and was sent a new one. Their customer service in A+++!

Same thing with me in an order from Austin Home Brew. 1056 yeast. The guy from customer service said that was normal, and as long as I kept it in the fridge, I should be OK. So, I think you’ll be fine also.

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