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Wyeast French Saison Yeast Question

So yesterday I brewed a batch and used this strain. it is currently fermenting at 60 degrees. acording to the wyeast web site they recomend temps between 65-75. will it be a problem to keep it at such a low temp? Thanks in advance

I have used it successfully at around 62. A bit cleaner that fermenting warm.
I think if you have a good start, you are probably good to go.

You will get more yeast character at a higher temp… certainly something desirable in Belgian and Farmhouse styles. At least it’s not the Dupont yeast, which would be laughing at you now while it falls asleep, shivvering.

That strain might not fully attenuate at such a low temperature. If you SG reading indicate that it has stalled-out, move it to someplace warmer, giving the carboy a good shaking as you move it. That should rouse the yeast and get it to finish.

In my experience it’ll give you a vinous character at low temperatures. I’d let it rise if I could.

I agree that attenuation might be a concern at that temp. I would let it rise as well.

ha! I’ve brewed that bad boy at 85F with great results. But, I was going for a more traditional profile.

Thanks evryone for the replies. I let it finnish out at 70* in the living room. it has a very clean crisp flavor with a hint of… Im not sure but man is this stuff tasty. cant wait to keg it next saturday

Congratulations and enjoy

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