Wyeast and a starter

Ive used smack packs before and if i dont make a starter usually make a 1 gallon batch which i guess is like a starter. If i pitch direct ill jus pitch 2 packs. I prefer white labs and dont really understand the smack pack I always figured it a gimmick. Anyway i brewed a keutbier the other day which is low gravity anyway so since i only had 1 pack just pitched it. I pitch single packs to saison and heffs all the time. It took awhile to build up a krausen which i guess is expected. The article i read on the Krutbier said they often let the wort cool for 24 hrs before putting them in the fermenter. Im just curious about the slow buildup.

I believe that is the time the yeast gather up O2… Build up necessary nutrients for budding…

True just wondering about the effect on the product

My brews always turn out fine… when I used wet yeasts…

Did you pitch single packs?

The smack packs didn’t do as well as Whites… but then I couldn’t find fresh wet yeast near me I could go pick up and haul home… I experienced yeast that was shipped in and musta got baked in the truck… That is why I switched to dry yeast… I still keep an eye open for wet yeast…

Speaking of yeast. The store i got white labs from is still only doing online. The other store carries only Wyeast and some dry but ive noticed a limited supply and higher prices. Is there another yeast shortage?

Perhaps the sign of the times… Wasn’t a crucial item… so the yeast ranchers had to stay home?
Now to play catch up…

For the past year, I’ve just been oversparging by about a half gallon, boiling for 15 mins, then pouring off a bit more than a quart for a starter, which I put on my stirplate for about 8 hours then pitch before going to bed on brew day. That usually gives me enough time to chill it down and pop it on stir plate before I get to my starting volume. Typically there is activity in the morning when I check before heading out the door to work, if not by then, always by the time I get home the next day. A lot of times when I use Wyeast with a smack pack, I’ll leave the pack unbroken till I pitch, then cut it open and pour it into the starter flask. I’ve been using a lot of different Omega’s recently when I buy from our host.


I used a lot of smackpacks over the past six or seven years since that’s what our LHBS carried…Because a single smack pack was usually an underpitch I generally made a SNSYS starter, except as you said with certain styles such as a Hefeweizen.

I wouldn’t worry until it hits 48hrs to 36hrs. I don’t see the yeast you used mentioned but some have a longer lag than others.
@sneezles61 I too have been trying to use more dry yeast as they are much easier and you have the same cost involved in regards to buying another satchel vs making a starter for liquid yeast. However, some you have to use liquid, like WLP940. :wink:


Wyeast 1007 German ale, its going pretty good now at about 63deg. i wasnt to worried. It was fermenting slowly i was worried it would quit because of the underpitch. you know how we start over guessing

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I have been using imperial liquid yeast for the past few years. If you can get ahold of it in your area, I would highly recommend it. No stater needed and it has something like a 4 month shelf life

Good to see you back here! Hope you are settled in yer new home?

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Still working on the yard with every spare moment trying to get it ready for summer. I’m having to build fence around our entire property for the dogs. Fun stuff. Can’t wait to start brewing again

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I’ll be eager to hear your adventures to come!

Now an update after 7 days in. The fermemt is going like gangbusters. Took 36 to 48 to start pushing and showing krausen.

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