Wyeast activator pack

So I’m on my 5th extract kit right now, looking to start my 6th. I finally felt the fall temps were cool enough for me to attempt liquid yeast but in boning up since I started I realized earlier batches were falling short due to my lack of recognizing the importance of a healthy yeast culture, that said I decided to spring for the fast pitch canned wort package. My question is: since the wyeast activator pack already has a built in “fast pitch” solution, would it be a waste to use my canned wort additive?

Nope… Don’t think of the liquid in liquids yeast as starter. There’s “activator” in it, but definitely go for the starter.

What’s your recipe and OG? Some styles can benefit from pitching lower amounts of yeast. If you’re using pure oxygen to oxygenate the wort, you can get away with a MUCH lower pitch rate than conventional wisdom indicates…

I went for the azacca and pirates plunder kits. I initially bought the fast pitch for the barleywine I intend to do next. Not sure on its OG yet. Hoping to brew tomorrow or the day after. It does make sense that with a lower OG I wouldn’t need “power house” yeast to get a good brew. I won’t say my 1st batch “wee heavy scotch ale” was a failure, but I didn’t optimize my culture and therefore wound up with an uber sweet scotch.

If my wort spiked at 1.070 and I didn’t have a starter ready and I just pitched the yeast, would it be beneficial to add another dose of yeast tomorrow?


Yeah, 1.070 OG with a beer you don’t want a strong yeast character, definitely make a starter. Anything over 1.050 I usually make a starter if it’s supposed to be clean, but with British/Belgian/anything where I want esters, I’ve been going with lower and lower pitch rates and upping the oxygen in the wort.