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Wyeast 3068 freebie

Planning a wheat beer next so at my LHBS I tried to get four packets of Safale wb-06. He only had three but offered me a free Wyeast 3068 that had already expanded. Not what I wanted but will be interesting to have both to compare.

So I get that a starter is a good idea with the pre-expanded pack but how do you pop the inner pack?

I will always make a starter with liquid yeast. Sometimes it is only a 500 ml vitality starter for a very low OG beer if the yeast is less than a month old. The inner nutrient pack can be broken after the yeast is poured out. Just make your corner cut off small so the inner pack doesn’t just drop out.

My favorite starter/pitch rate calculator is by Brew United.

Some Wyeast smack packs will always be slightly swollen by CO2 release. WY 1056 is one of them. Don’t remember if WY 3068 is one of them mentioned on Wyeast’s site.

Thanks flars,
Couldn’t remember which was the yeast and which was the nutrient. Good idea with the small cut then pop the nutrient.

Seems to me 3 oz.DME to a quart of water is what will git you to a wake up solution fer yer yeast… Yer just trying to set them up before they have to start dividing…… Sneezles61

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