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Wyeast 2124 temperature

Brewed a SMaSH Cali Common on Sunday (Vienna Malt and Northern Brewer) and am fermenting with Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager. It is currently chugging away at 58 degrees. I have never used this yeast before (or any lager yeast other than California Lager), and am wondering if I need to warm this up as it get toward the end to clean up diacetyl, and if so, when and how high. I dont have temperature control for fermentation, but I could move it upstairs with an ambient temp around 67 degrees.


The wyeast web site does recomend a “thorough” diacetyl rest for this yeast.

I think just bringing it upstairs would be fine. At that point the fermentation will not really be adding any heat of it’s own, and 67* is within the suggested range for a C.Common beer using this yeast.

I have never gotten diacetyl with that yeast. I take a gravity sample when I anticipate the end of fermentation and taste it after I get a reading. If I taste diacetyl, I do a rest. Otherwise I don’t bother. 58F is at the high end for lager temps, so it’s entirely possible you won’t need one.

Thanks guys. I was thinking at 58 degrees it may not be necessary. I will take a sample after 4 or 5 days and taste for diacetyl, then either move it upstairs or leave it to do its thing. Ambient temp in my garage where it is fermenting is around 54 degrees, so the temp will drop a little once fermentation slows down. I may move it upstairs anyway to make sure it fully attenuates (although I guess a lager shouldnt have any problem finishing at 54 degrees).

Just kegged this last night and tasted a sample. Wow! This has potential to be my best all-grain beer yet. So simple (just vienna malt and northern brewer), but such great clean flavors. No diacetyl at all. I almost poured myself a flat pint.

It’s going to be really hard to let this one lager in the keg for a month. Thanks again for the advice!

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